Pricinct 31 Spring 2023 election

Hello Prairie School area neighbor

We both live near Prairie School and I am Jim Ensign precinct Committeeman elected by our local neighborhood in east Naperville.  I volunteer to remind Republicans in precinct 31 of elections & related issues affecting our town, county, state and country Linked is a list of existing officials our precinct already voted on

Spring 2023 Consolidated Elections. Are these Elections Non-Partisan?

Naperville grew to into a thriving, successful, safe and strong community through a tradition of non-partisan and accountable local elected officials. For 140 years Naperville’s elected officials have run on ballots that do not reflect political Party.  This forced candidates to run on success of their programs and ideas. Non-partisan elections help candidates to rise above just forcing international agendas onto unrelated local issues.  As your precinct committeeman was I was never encouraged to blindly follow the party line for my endorsements.  I choose who to endorse just from listening to the candidates. 

This successful, useful and non-partisan tradition came to a screeching halt in March 2021.  Just as actual non-partisan voting ramped up one party delivered their Party’s list of candidates to every Naperville door.  The selfish strategy appalled me.  It was obviously a short sighted play that would hinder bipartisan cooperation between Naperville public officials.  Unfortunately, most of that entire 2121 slate was elected.  As a result the political playbook was changed for 2023.  Absurdly some candidates actually believe that divisive international political agendas must be the top priority for Naperville.  Does anybody truly believe Naperville needs to be more politically divided?  Is it wise to put party politics above residents’ actual needs?  Could that Happen?

Last month a sitting Naperville Councilman proclaimed that: “There is no excuse for any Republican to be elected in Naperville.”  He and his coalition also pushed DEI Policy through Naperville’s council. BTW here is Silicon Valley Bank’s DEI Policy.  Also data shows DEI failsClick for why.

Socialism is now the most popular philosophy in that other party.  Karl Marx favorite Chant was: “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”   If you also want Naperville’s success to perish then DO NOT vote like me in this election.

Luckily the vast majority of Naperville Residents think our community is worse off since officials became less accountable and more Marxist.  I am happy to report that there are candidates on your 2023 ballot who love Naperville and want to keep the good while repairing our community’s spirit.   These candidates pledge to be accountable rather partisan.  Is 2023 the end of accountability and an acceleration of destruction?  When you vote this month you choose Naperville’s future!

You know my heart is for the health and success of every Naperville resident.  So in this 2023 non-Partisan Naperville Elections I will vote ONLY for these 10 candidates:

Mayor:            Scott Wehrli

Council:          Meghna Bansal, Josh McBroom, Nate Wilson, Nag Jaiswal

Park Board:  Rich Janor, Chris Jacks

Dist 203:         Ron Amato

COD:                Christine Fenne, Andrew Manno

There are 3 ways to vote in 2023:  Mail, Early or Election Day at our Poll 

  1. Request a vote by mail ballot at this DuPage County link
  2. DuPage County Early Voting Locations (View or Print this PDF)
  3. On Tuesday April 4 2023 Lisle Pct 31’s poll is at 1150 E Hobson Rd; Naperville IL 60540

Find candidate websites. I linked to my choices above but Positively also has a page with candidates and their links (as available).  

Below are my choices for the April 4 2023 local consolidated election.  For live links to background info read this letter online in your favorite browser at also see your Sample Ballot.

I vote as a passionate American and a fiscally conservative resident.  I may leave some “conservatives” off my endorsement if the candidate gets very mixed reviews.   I know municipal staff’s productivity gets wasted by unrealistic side shows of grandstanding politicians.  Great local officials just get stuff done right with little fanfare.  Bad politicians behave as we are here to serve them rather than vise versa.

See more about our Pct 31 Ballot online at this link.  Feel free to circle your choices and bring this letter with you when you vote. If you have questions or want to help candidates win please email me. 

If you want a yard sign (or signs) please take one from my yard at 644 Balmoral Circle.  I have extra and I’ll replace mine.

Thank you for your time and for sharing my Love of Naperville.

Thank you for your time and for sharing my Love of Naperville.

See 2023 non-partisan candidates pdf here   Scott Wehrli Brochure   This Spring 23 Letter as a Printable PDF

“If you Love DuPage County?  Thank a Republican!!!” We built this!

Jim Ensign,  Lisle Township Republican Committeeman re elected March 2022 by Precinct 31

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