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Hello Prairie School area neighbor

We both live near Prairie School and I am Jim Ensign precinct Committeeman elected by our local neighborhood in east Naperville.  I volunteer to remind Republicans in precinct 31 of elections & related issues affecting our town, county, state and country Linked is a list of existing officials our precinct already voted on

BTW, you may choose to read this letter in your browser each election at the same link: because there you also get live links,  GOP news for our precinct, and print your Fall ’22 General Election Sample Ballot for your precinct #31 (General Election Day is November 8th 2022). 

Nov. 9-14 2022 DuPage County Poll watchers resited election fraud for some of our future DuPage ballot counting:

As Jean Kasmerek’s DuPage County Clerk’s Office counts mail in ballots volunter citizens who legally act as act as pollwatchers were very effective. They filed Afadavids attesting that the clerks office is had set a procedure of illeagally qualifying signatures that do not match the voter’s registration signature. Instead of discarding the ballots they were immediately mixed in the count of the legal ballots if the jacket signature matched the unverified signature on the mail in balot application. For obvious reasons this violates Illinois board of elections laws. I do not know if there are any penalties for Illinois election officials if the violate election law.

In the past mail in ballot applications were only mailed out by request. However upon Jean Kasmerek 1st election she changed that procedure so that every person she identified to have onve lived at a DuPage address was mailed a vote by mail application. Many of us reported recieving ballot applications form people who were maybe past residents of our address. So Dupage appartment buildings were mailed thouands of balot applications mailed to past addresses of people who moved or died. If any of those applications were somehow illeagally submitted there were just trusted and a ballot was mailed back to the local address. That was also a new standard procedure usually only implemented by democrat election officials. In this case Jean Kasmeric was actually running and listed on the the same ballots that she had mailed out. So .. fox? …hen house? You deccide.

On, Tues Nov 15 2022, Judge James Orel of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court heard the evidence of the case and issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Jean Kaczmarek’s office “from using any signature on a Vote by Mail APPLICATON in connection with validating signatures on the Vote by Mail ballot.”

In the judges order it also says: “Use of the Vote by Mail ballot application to qualify signatures on the Vote by Mail ballot itself would be an obvious way to commit ballot fraud.” Unfortunately there were a weeks worth of mail in ballonts already counted and mizzed in with the legitimate balots with actually signature matching,

There is still more work to be done to protect our elections from fraud

History proves that some humans will always find nefarious ways to control
things of power and value.  Money and votes both have power and value.   They both require laws and best practices controls to reduce how much value will illegally change hands.  Supporting election laws is the exact opposite of election denying.   Besides our election laws what else stands in the way of election fraud? Now that we know that essentials election laws are not being followed as a matter of DuPage County Clerk policy and procedure then what does it say about you if you sit idly by?

To Review. Our top DuPage County election official illegally standardized a procedure that when signature does not match the original registration  mostl are immediately mixed into the ballots counts anyway. 

How is that not stealing value from voters and candidates? 

What penalty is enough to deter this from happening again?  

Significance matters.  So let’s look at the numbers.

The race for the Illinois 45th house district is being decided by 0.4%

Mail in ballots are 20.51% so if 2 mail-in votes of 100 will make the difference in that election.

Besides our election laws; what else stands in the way of election fraud?

Is failure to follow the election laws for validating signature of 20% of our votes significant?

                       If yes then what is the remedy at this point?

                       If no then who benefited by maximizing mail in voting?

                      What penalty for those who systematically violate election laws would deter it in the future?

I don’t care how you personally answer these questions but please look at
your own answers and see if there is a contradiction there? If you are a contradiction
then please explain yourself.

The Latin term Prima-Facie means “at first view.” In legal terms, this means that evidence is sufficient to raise a presumption of fact or to establish the fact in question unless questioned. In a prima-facie lawsuit, the facts are presented as adequate enough to show that underlying conduct supports the cause of action, and will prove successful in court.

I this case the election as close as 250 votes and

Illinois is the 3rd most corrupt state and Chicago is the most corrupt city.  Congratulations.  You may not have heard much about it but the stories were too hard to suppress completely.  So Cook County residents flee Chicago crime and corruption for DuPage County.  But many of these migrators lack the wisdom to leave the corrupt machine politics behind.   So the Madigan built political machine sees their new suburban pilgrims as new opportunity to financially benefit Chicago again and perhaps even more after they flee westward. 

Here are the election reseults live links:

2022 Elections results

Posted on November 8, 2022 by TrustedCTO

I found some links that hopefully will post General Election results after the polls close November 8 2022.

Hopefully we can find the results at these links. I made QR codes for some of the links in case you want to share the link with a smart phone camera. Please note that until the links go live I have no idea how well they will work.

DuPage County Elections Results might post results later.  So far they don’t mention where the results will be posted.

And maybe as a back-up I will monitor the Washington post.

Please note that our next consolidated City and Township elections are held in Spring 2023 but potential candidates must circulation petitions in September-Early December 2022

“If you Love DuPage County?  Thank a Republican!!!” We built this!

Jim Ensign,  Lisle Township Republican Committeeman re elected last in March 2020 by Precinct 31

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