Why do Consolidated Elections Matter?

Because we are voting for people who will have the biggest impact on our daily lives, from zoning decisions to government services. And they determine how much to collect and how to spend over 95% of your property tax bill!

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Highlighting candidates across Lisle Township who will pursue practical policies that meet resident needs while recognizing economic realities.

Lisle Township Republican Candidates

This is a terrific group of people with diverse talents who have been making our communities better in many different ways for a long time.

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Township Supervisor Bob Klaeren
Highway Commissioner Ed Young
Township  Assessor John Trowbridge
Township Clerk  Debbie Pawlowicz
Township Trustee  Tony Signorella
Township Trustee  Kitty Murphy
Township Trustee  Christy McGovern
Township Trustee  Scott Silver
Robert Klaeren Supervisor