Election Day is Nov. 8, 2022!

Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m on Election Day. Early Voting Starts Monday, October 24 – Nov 7, 2022 (M-F 8:30 am – 7:30 pm, Sat/Sun 9am – 5 pm) at:

  • Naperville Municipal Center, lower level, 400 S. Eagle St, Naperville
  • Islamic Center of Naperville, 25W530 75th St, Naperville
  • Woodridge Park District, 2600 Center Dr, Woodridge
  • Lisle Police Department, 5040 Lincoln Ave, Lisle

There are important issues on the ballot that will effect your cost of living for years to come. Commercial properties and renters are also affected by higher property taxes:

Amendment 1 (aka Worker’s Rights Amendment)

Community Mental Health Board (aka 708 Board)

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A complete list of Republican Candidates is available here.

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You can print this and bring it into the polling place with you – legal sized paper works best.

Amendment 1

This is the first item on the front of your ballot. While advertised as the “Worker’s Rights Amendment,” you should know that private sector unions are covered under Federal Labor Law, which overrides states law. Amendment 1 will mostly apply to public sector unions and give them vast new negotiating power. Simple Truth: The more powers you give the government unions to negotiate over taxpayers, the more it’s going to cost.

Unbiased, data-driven analysis at: https://wirepoints.org/amendment1/

Community Mental Health Board

This is a Binding Referendum. While we all want to support those who are struggling, this new Board will not improve access to mental health services. It will create a new government bureaucracy that will spend most of the tax levy on itself. The Mental Health Board will have seven (7) members appointed by the Township Supervisor who have the power to:

  1. Construct a brand new building. (Supervisor Hewitt is already taking to architects.)
  2. Hire people to work for them and set their salary (administrator, staff).
  3. Borrow money (by issuing bonds)
  4. Form a non-profit corporation to contract with doctors & psychiatrists. This will compete with existing non-profits instead of helping them.

Lisle Township currently levies .0407% on your property tax bill. The requested tax levy of 0.15% is 3.5x greater than the current tax. This is not a bond issue that will be paid off eventually – this is a new tax will never go away. How much of that money will actually go to treating patients after they are done building and staffing a new facility?

DuPage County has awarded $4.8 Million in grants to non-profits this year, many serving mental health needs. The County also build a new mental health facility just 6 years ago. Mental health services are the responsibility of state and county government, not townships. A 2021 Township Mental Health study indicated that, “According to most interviewees, Lisle Township has sufficient general services to serve residents with mental illness.” This board is unneeded at the Township level.

Time left to vote: