Lisle Township Republican Org.

— Press Release: January 20, 2019 —

The Lisle and Naperville Township Republican Organizations are outraged by recent comments
made by our newly elected State Representative Anne Stava-Murray. Impugning the residents of
Naperville who have worked tirelessly to make Naperville a great place to live for people of all
races and religions is reprehensible.

Rep. Anne Stava-Murray’s baseless attacks on Naperville highlight her lack of interest in serving
her constituents. She has stated that she is already running for another office even before she
begins her term in the General Assembly. If she is so disinterested in serving and holds her
constituents in such disdain she should resign and let someone who wants to work for all the
residents be the State Representative from the 81st District.  

On behalf of her constituents and all the residents of the City of Naperville, we demand an
apology from Rep. Stava-Murray and call on her colleagues in the General Assembly to publicly
censure her extremist attacks.

— Jay Fisher, Chairman, LTRO

— Jim Ruhl, Chairman, NTRO


Municipal Elections are April 2, 2019

Early voting around the county starts Monday, March 18, 2019. If you are heading out of town for Spring Break, make sure you vote before you go!

Lisle Township, which includes parts of Naperville, Woodridge and Lisle, Illinois, is the heart of DuPage County, Illinois, long known as one of the most Republican Counties in the United States.

Lisle GOP meetings often call to order 7:30 pm the third Monday of the month. We meet at the Lisle Hilton on Warrenville Road (in a conference room near Algauer’s). All members are strongly encouraged to attend monthly meetings. Our meetings are always informative and important to maintaining a strong Republican Party in our township. All Republican office holders are invited to appear. Anyone interested in joining Lisle GOP should come to the meetings or Contact Us!

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