Voting: How, When, Where


Our 2022 General Election Ballot includes:

IL Statewide & US Federal and Races for IL Governor and Lieutenant Governor, IL Attorney General, IL Secretary of State, IL Comptroller, IL Treasurer,  US Senator from IL, US Congressional District 11

Regional Races for IL State Senate,   IL General Assembly  and about half of our DuPage County officials including: Board Chairman, Sheriff, County Clerk, Treasurer, Forest Preserve, Forest Preserve President, Regional Board of Schools and DuPage County Board 

Please note that City and Township elections are not due until 2023.

Our 2022 General Election Day is Tuesday November 8th.  Polls open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.mFind where Your precinct votes and print your sample ballot here often has an Election Guide.  

DuPage County Early Voting runs October 24-November 7th  2022 8:30AM –  7:00 PM Mon.-Fri.       9:00 AM –  5:00 PM Sat. and Sun

Early Voting Locations near us:  (Our Absentee County Clerk posted conflicting locations about locations so these are our best location guesses)

 Request a “vote by mail ballot” in DuPage County (link), or call the DuPage County Election Division (630) 407-5631

Please remind our new neighbors:  “Don’t Cook DuPage!” 

“If you Love DuPage County then thank a Republican!!!”  We built this!

Early Voting 

 Find your neighborhood in this old precinct map 

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