Your Fall’22 Ballot for Precint 58

Hello Neighbors near West Glen School

I am Jim Ensign a local Resident who volunteered to remind key voters in your pct 58 (map) of key election issues this fall related to our town, county, state and country. Local Elections are confusing but very important. Corporate news can’t specifically inform us who is on your Ballot and how that relates to the rest of your world.

So I would like to help you find and understand the ballot for your neighborhood. You may find that there are good candidates who are not in the news and not overfunded for those anoying TV spin commercials. For starters here is a link to current officials that your precinct 58 already voted into office

BTW, you may choose to read this letter in your browser at the link: There you these links are live. And you can also print your your sepcific Fall ’22 General Election Sample Ballot for your Pricinct #58 (General Election Day is November 8th 2022).   Voting has already started so you can vote today if you want. 

What are these Elections about Locally? 

Unfortunately, Illinois is the 3rd most corrupt state and Chicago won its 3-peat as the most corrupt US City.   Congratulations. Together we voted them all in!   If you have already heard any of these Illinois Corruption Stories that’s because the stories were too big to suppress completely.  So, it’s not surprising that many Cook County residents flee Chicago crime and corruption for safe and sound DuPage County.  Unfortunately, a surprising number of those Democrat pilgrims unknowingly still carry water for the corrupt machine politicians they fled.  You see, the Chicago political machine finds their suburban pilgrims to be a new financially fertile opportunity out in the Suburbs.  The Machine just leverages them to fund Chicago again and again AFTER they flee to the suburbs! 

Why can only one Party afford all those expensive TV ads? If you are seeing expensive and vague Video ads for candidates on your suburban ballot then you can easily guess most are funded by the Chicago political machine.  Yes Chicago politicians crave our suburban tax money. They have become experts at turning suburban candidates into money.  So Chicago machines fund suburban candidates who will travel to Springfield or Washington DC to send suburban tax revenues to Chicago!  Yep, many of your neighbors fell for that (or they just skipped voting some elections).  The Chicago machine just has to funds slick TV adds in the suburbs to win over well meaning but minimally informed voters. For Chicago the ROI is great because they then benefit from your suburban tax money! Your tax money becomes the power they crave. Another WIN for the Chicago 3-peat!

What is a wise vote?  A vote that supports investment in our community’s long term success is a wise vote.  A foolish vote just supports those who seek money and power. These officials fill the news cycles with controversy over bills with intentionally misleading bill names like the Safe-T act (which lets violent criminals out of jail) or the “Lisle Township Mental Health Board” which rewards politicians who care little and know little about mental health.  Instead they just use a popular need to destract from the real story which is the 480% tax increase. Thier money/power grift is now disguised is “Mental Health”  We all know Mental Health is a huge problem; but the Lisle Township is definately aware that they don’t know how to fix it and that it is NOT thier job!

Trick or Treat!! Tricky wording in campaign ads are spin that infer bills are written clean and covers one simple subject. Unfortunately Bills are written dirty. So the treat you support is just a TRICK. It is complex and affect many opposing subjects burried in the bill.  When you advocate against the tricky deciept they may accuse you of being Anit-Treat, Anti-SAF-T or insensitive to the mentally ill.  They know you too would be Anti Safe-T if you wisely read between the lines of the 764 page Safe-T billCan we agree to be skeptical of any commercial unless they proudly read the entire bill they refer to?   Would legitimate legislation really need 764 pages of fluff to bury the lead?

Separation of powers depends on balancing power!   Today, your Republican vote double checks the party in power.  When 2 parties share power they can watchdog each other.  Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. This election is pivitol because only wise voting can preserve what you love about DuPage County.   Money is the lifeblood of corruption especially when the money deals in power and votes.  The foolish will fall for shenanigans which fund the corrupt.  So please be wise please research and read.  The other party tell you: “These are not GRIFTS you are looking for!”  “Move along.  Nothing to see here!”  & “Please pay no attention to the MADIGAN behind the curtain!”  LOL

Lets look at your Fall 2022 Ballot

Please also know that you can bring this letter and / or your sample ballot with you to reference at the polls. (Anybody in DuPage can find thier sample ballot at

Ballot explanations (in ballot order):


1st on your ballot is the “Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution.”  Please vote NO!  This proposition should win an award from being slyly misleading. It sounds harmless and pro-labor.  It is neither!  It fails to disclose that the amendment will NOT help most union workers. US Supreme Court rulings protects workers’ from forfeiting rights to private sector unions. Meanwhile State Government employees unions can take members rights but through an amendment to that State’s Constitution.  A state Amendment is so powerful that it will void legislators’ authority to protect the rights of state employee union members.  So this amendment silently voids past and future legislation regarding state employee unions.  Legislated laws, past and future, would still apply to all private sector labor unions, but Illinois would become the only state to grant unlimited power to state employee union leaders.  Tricky Power grab Corrupt-o-crats!  Please don’t fall for conniving legal games!  Our Illinois Constitution does not need to be amended! PLEASE VOTE NO!

2nd, on your ballot you will find the Candidates

Democrats currently have absolute unchecked power in Illinois. ”absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Lord Acton said that in 1887 but perhaps he had a premonition of Illinois 2022)  These Republican’s seak to be your check on those with absolute power!  

I know a few of these candidates quite well.  I believe a ballot cast for these candidates would be a wise ballot.  You might NOT recognize the names of underfunded candidates because Chicago ad Money won’t fund ads for them. Why? That’s is a total mystery!  LOL!  In hopes you might know them better I included links in the version of the same letter I posted at


IL GOVERNOR AND LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR  DARREN BAILEY and STEPHANIE Trussel.  Also watch the Governor’s Debate and see

IL Attorney General Thomas G. DeVore see also PBS

IL Secretary of state DAN BRADY


IL Treasurer Thomas G. Demmer

US Congress 11th Dist CATALINA LAUF

IL Senate Dist. 41 JOHN CURRAN

IL Rep. District 81 PAUL LEONG Read about Paul vs the SAF-T act


Sheriff  JAMES MENDRICK unopposed

DuPage County Clerk EVELYN SANGUINETTI  should be an easy choice over D JEAN (no show) KACZMAREK

DuPage Treasurer GWEN HENRY

County Board District 3


DuPage Forest Preserver President ROBERT J. SCHILLERSTROM 

DuPage Forest Preserve dist 3 LINDA J. PAINTER


These 2022 Judges elections are really important for the future of Illinois.  Maybe even consider  at the bottom of your ballot this year!

Illinois SUPREME COURT MICHAEL J. BURKE  is a much better than Mary O’Brien  Plus I feel Mary insures decades were our supreme court will never offer any checks or balances on infamous Illinois corruption.  These 2022 Judges election are really important  for the future of Illinois


DuPage Circuit Court Judge   MICHAEL “MIKE” W. REIDY /


   Yes               JOE BIRKETT  

   NO              BONNIE M. WHEATON (ran as conservative but rules extremely progressive

   Yes               KENNETH L. POPEJOY

   Yes               LIAM C. BRENNAN

   Yes               PAUL M. FULLERTON


YES  Should the County of DuPage continue its support of mental health through local non-profits?  (I hope this will help fund NAMI DuPage; but this proposition is advisory only.)

NO     Shall Lisle Township levy an annual tax not to exceed 0.15% for the purpose of providing community mental health facilities.  360% tax increase, misleading slush fund Lisle Township Tax Hike 2022

NO      Should the State of Illinois, their agencies and political subdivisions, set up a zero-to-negative carbon emissions priority date of 1/1/30  Not realistic or affordable.

NO      Should the County of DuPage research and invest in public electric vehicle fast charging stations to provide a revenue stream, promote a healthy environment, and drive local economic development?   To vague.  Electric cars are supported by China’s slave labor

Our 2022 General Election Day is Tuesday November 8th.  Polls open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m

Your precinct #58,voting location is at: Ranch View Elementary School; 1651 Ranchview Dr; Naperville, 60565

DuPage County Early Voting runs October 24 – November 7, 2022, 8:30AM –  7:00 PM Mon.-Fri.       9:00 AM –  5:00 PM Sat. and Sun

Crazy Early voting was at the DuPage County Fairgrounds started Thursday, September 29, 2022

 Weekdays: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – noon

Early Voting Locations near us:

Please note that our next consolidated City and Township elections are held in Spring 2023 but potential candidates must circulation petitions in September-Early December 2022

“If you Love DuPage County?  Thank a Republican!!!” We built this!

Jim Ensign,  Lisle Township Republican Committeeman re elected last in March 2020 by Precinct 31, Loop Volunteer Pct 59

email me at: or read this letter online (with live links etc)  at

(If you want to check for election updates bookmark this page)

To get email updates a couple times a year or for volunteer options in look for  “Contact” on

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Printable PDF P58 Letter fall ’22


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