Letter to Precinct 31

Hello Prairie School area neighbor

We both live in Lisle Township Precinct 31 and I am Jim Ensign your elected LisleGOP.org precinct Committeeman.  This volunteer job is simply to remind republicans of elections & some local issues affecting our neighborhood, town, county state and country.   You could also choose to read this letter with the live hot links at LisleGOP.org/p31 where you can see GOP news for your precinct and print our Sample Ballot for Lisle Township Pct 31 which effects:  US Congressional Dist 6,    IL State Senate Dist. 21,   IL State House Dist: 42,  DuPage County Board Dist: 5, Lisle Township and all Naperville Elections.

The 2020 General Election Day is TuesdayNovember 3rd.  Polls open from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  Our precinct #31, votes at St John United Church of Christ 1190 Olesen Dr; Naperville, IL   See also Early Voting and Mail In Voting details below.

Below find Republican candidates.  Some text has links to websites so you can form your own opinions..  If there are multiple republicans then my personal favorites are in bold and/or dark Blue below.  (Some browsers inconsistently show bold).  I choose them based on my personal vetting and/or opinions of their elect-ability in the November general election.  Feel free to print this list to review personally while voting.

DuPage County Early Voting runs Oct 16-Nov 2, 2020

8:30AM –  7:30 PM Mon.-Fri.       9:00 AM –  5:00 PM Sat.    and  10:00 AM –  4:00 PM Sun.


Early Voting Locations near us:

Request a “vote by mail ballot” in DuPage County (link).or call the DuPage County Election Commission (630) 407-5600

Please Remind our new neighbors: Don’t Cook DuPage!”  & .. “If you Love DuPage County?  Thank a Republican!”  This election will be all about the Turnout!  So  Click here to help get conservatives to the polls: 

“If you Love DuPage County?  Thank a Republican!!!”

Jim Ensign,  Lisle Township Republican Committeeman re elected in March 2020 by Precinct 31  
email me at:  31@LisleGOP.org or read this letter online (with live links etc)  at LisleGOP.org/p31 
(If you want to check for election updates bookmark this page)
To get email updates a couple times a year or for volunteer options in look for  “Contact” on LisleGOP.org
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Parger U 5 min videos:  

Vote early, Vote by mail OR

Vote on Election Day November 3rd 2020 at St John United Church of Christ 1190 Olesen Dr; Naperville, IL

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