Letter to Precinct 31

Hello Prairie School area neighbor!    We both live in Lisle township precinct 31 and I am Jim Ensign your elected LisleGOP.org precinct Committeeman.  This volunteer job is simply to remind republicans of elections & local issues affecting our neighborhood, town, county

Voting, How When Where

The next local Elections are underway Election Day is Tuesday November 6th 2018.  See who is running for at PositivelyNaperville.com Election Guide.   The most comprehensive source of Local voter information is the DuPage County Elections commission www.dupageco.org/Election/Voting/ To Vote By

Referendum – Naperville & Lisle Township Road merger

On the On our local 2017 election ballot there is choice for a binding referendum to combine 64 miles of roads into one administrative district.  Naperville Township currently manages has 13 miles of roads while Lisle Township manages about 51 miles.

Oct 2016 Chairman Fisher

I just wanted to give you a short update on our literature status.  The bags for County Board District 5 are ready for pickup.  The bags for County Board Districts 2 and 3 are waiting for literature from Richard Blass

Republican Toastmasters

Republican Toastmasters Do you want to enhance your ability as a public speaker? If you do, joining the “We are Republican Toastmasters Club” is the way to go. The mission of “We are the Republican Toastmasters Club” is to provide

Office hours and volunteers

We have an office for the 2016 elections @ 1163 E. Ogden, Suite 505, Naperville IL (map).   Office Hours very depending on you volunteering.   See our Office Sign up Schedule  to sign up to work or to see the location and hours.

LTRO By-Laws

  By Laws: BY LAWS OF THE LISLE TOWNSHIP REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION Article I Name The name of this Organization shall be “The Lisle Township Republican Organization”. Article II – Affiliation This Organization shall be affiliated with the DuPage County Republican