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Oct 2016 Chairman Fisher

I just wanted to give you a short update on our literature status.  The bags for County Board District 5 are ready for pickup.  The bags for County Board Districts 2 and 3 are waiting for literature from Richard Blass and Brian Krajewski.  I believe that their literature will be ready this week.

 We were given very little Munger and Kirk literature.  These pieces are not in the bags, but are bundled in groups of 50 on the table.   Please take as little as necessary as there will not be close to enough for everyone.  

 I have linked a draft of a fall 2016 Committeeman’s letter as a template you can personalize (or you can draft your own).  We will copy your letter on the copiers we have at the HQ.  The draft is over a page so hopefully deleting the candidates that do not live in your district will reduce it to a page.

 We have clear bags for the 11th Congressional Districts and Roskam bags for the 6th Congressional District.  At the moment we have no envelopes, but I have put in an order with the County Chairman for 15,000 envelopes.  I am not certain when those will be ready.

 Let’s work like crazy for the next 31 days.

 Jay Fisher

LTRO By-Laws


By Laws:

Article I Name

The name of this Organization shall be “The Lisle Township Republican Organization”.

Article II – Affiliation

This Organization shall be affiliated with the DuPage County Republican Central Committee.

Article III – Purpose

The purpose of this Organization shall be to develop, encourage and perpetuate such principles within the Republican Party as will promote responsive, efficient and just government and, further, to work for the selection and election of Republican candidates who are best qualified to support these principles.

Article IV – Membership & Committeemen Vacancies

Section 1. The membership of this Organization shall consist of elected members, honorary non-voting members, Lip and Loop members, and Deputy Committeemen.

A. Elected members shall be all duly elected Republican committeemen of Lisle Township.

B. Honorary non voting members shall be all elected Republican office holders, and any other Republican federal, state or county official residing in Lisle Township or representing voters in Lisle Township.

C. Lip members shall be all appointed Committeemen who reside within the Precinct in which they are appointed to serve. Loop members shall be all appointed Committeemen who do not reside within the Precinct in which they are appointed to serve. Lip and Loop members must be residents of Lisle Township. Lip and Loop members shall be entitled to vote on all matters before for the body. Lip and Loop members shall serve until the next election for Committeeman in each Precinct.

D. Deputy Committeemen. Each elected or appointed Committeeman may appoint one Deputy Committeeman in his or her precinct. The Deputy Committeeman must be a resident of Lisle Township. The Deputy Committeeman shall assist the Committeeman in the performance of the duties of office, and shall be encouraged to attend and to participate in the regular meetings and fundraisers of the Organization. The Deputy Committeeman may vote in the place of the Committeeman at regular meetings if the Committeeman is unable to attend, provided that the Committeeman has notified the Chairman of the name and address of the Deputy Committeeman, and the Committeeman has given his or her written proxy to the Deputy Committeeman. Deputy Committeemen shall serve at the discretion of the Committeeman who appointed him or her.

Section 2. A vacancy in the office of Republican Committeeman for any precinct in Lis1e Township shall, upon written confirmation of the vacancy, be filled as follows: The Candidate Selection Committee shall initially interview proposed candidates. The Committee shall thereafter submit its recommendations to the membership as a whole f or consideration. The organization shall recommend by non-weighted vote, by majority of those present. Said recommendation shall be submitted by the Chairman to the Chairman of the DuPage County Republican Central Committee.

Article V Officers

Section 1. The officers of this Organization shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 2. Term of office for each officer shall be two (2) years.

Section 3. Only voting members of the Organization shall be qualified to serve as officers.

Section 4. The officers of this Organization shall be elected within a period of thirty (30) days after the regular Primary election of each even numbered year. Each voting member of this Organization shall be qualified to vote for each officer in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws. The election of officers shall be conducted by individual office as compared to the slate method. The elections shall be by secret ballot.

Section 5. The order of presiding at meetings of this Organization shall be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer, serving in this order in the event the presiding officer cannot preside for any reason.

Section 6. The Chairman shall be allowed to serve no more than two (2) consecutive-two-year terms.

Article VI – Duties of Officers

Section 1. The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of this Organization; shall appoint the Chairman and members of all Standing Committees and any special Committees as may in his judgment be required; shall be Chairman of the Policy Committee and an ex-officio voting member of all Standing or Special Committees.

Section 2. The Vice-Chairman shall function as Chairman only in the Chairman’s absence and shall perform such other duties as prescribed by the Chairman.

Section 3. The Recording Secretary shall keep the records and minutes of this Organization and shall perform such other duties as are delegated by the Chairman.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall establish and maintain such bank accounts in the name of the Organization as shall be determined by the Executive Committee. He shall countersign all checks drawn on any Organization bank account, and shall be a member of the Finance Committee. At each regular meeting, the Treasurer shall present a financial report of the Organization.

Article VII – Authority of the Chairman to Appoint Designated Officers

Section 1. The Chairman may appoint a Parliamentarian.

Section 2. The Chairman shall, with the advice and consent of the voting members of this Organization, appoint such Zone Chairmen as in his judgment may be necessary to assist him in promoting the efficiency of this Organization.

Section 3. The duties of the foregoing appointees shall be:

A. The Parliamentarian shall, when called upon by the Chairman, render opinions on the correct interpretation of these By-Laws and of Robert’s Rules of Order, as the latter may apply to the proceedings of this Organization.

B. The Zone Chairmen shall, under the guidance and instructions of the Chairman of this Organization, keep in communication with the Committeemen whose precincts lie within their designated zones, and shall carry out such other responsibilities as are defined in Article X – Standing Committees and Executive Committee, of these By-Laws. The Zone Chairmen shall also serve as voting members of the Executive Committee as described herein in Section 3 of Article X.

Article VIII – Meetings

Section 1. A quorum for all meetings shall consist of the presence of at least one-fourth (1/4) of the total of all voting members of the Organization.

Section 2. There shall be a minimum of four (4) regular meetings per calendar year called by the Chairman of this Organization.

Section 3. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman or by a petition filed with the Recording Secretary and signed by at least one-third (1/3) of the total of all voting members of the Organization. Petitions for a special meeting, or official calls for a special meeting issued by the Chairman, must specify the purpose of the meeting, which purpose shall then be the only matter to be determined by the special meeting. On presentation of a valid petition for a special meeting, the Recording Secretary is obliged to establish a date for the meeting not more than twenty-one (21) days after the date of presentation.

Section 4. Written notice for any meeting , whether it be regular or special , must be postmarked and mailed first class in the United States mail at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting date stated in the written notice.

Article IX – Voting Requirements and Procedures

All questions before this Organization shall be decided in regular or special meetings in accordance with the following procedure:

Section 1. Matters of substance as here enumerated, except with respect to proposed amendments to these By-Laws, which is discussed in Section 2 below, shall be decided by a majority of the weighted votes of voting members present, such weighted votes being equal to the number of Republican ballots cast in the immediately preceding regular Primary Election:

A. Election of officers of this Organization;

B. When determining whether to utilize the caucus versus the primary method of nomination.

Section 2. Any proposed amendments to these By-Laws must be approved by sixty-six percent (66%) of the weighted votes, as above defined, of voting members present.

Section 3. All other matters shall be considered on the basis that each member entitled to vote on a particular issue shall receive one vote. Unless otherwise indicated herein, all matters shall be decided on the basis of a majority vote of those present.

Article X – Standing Committees and Executive Committee

Section 1. The appointment procedure for Standing Committees shall be as follows: the Chairman of this Organization shall appoint all Committee Chairmen and Committee members with the approval of the voting members present as provided under Article IX, such approval to be acted upon within forty-five (45) days after the election of the Chairman. The terms of the Standing Committees and Standing Committee Chairmen shall coincide with that of the Chairman of this Organization.

Section 2. There shall be eight (8) Standing Committees of this Organization and each committee shall consist of at least five (5) members all of whom shall be voting members. No member shall be on more than two (2) Standing Committees. The Committees and their duties shall be as follows:

A. POLICY: To inquire into matters of policy affecting or likely to affect this Organization and to articulate policy positions for the consideration and approval of the Organization.

B. PUBLICITY: To inform the public of the activities of this Organization, including dissemination of information on political campaigns conducted by this Organization.

C. FINANCE: To oversee the raising and spending of LTRO funds to support the activities of the Organization. The Chairman of this Committee shall coordinate the raising of these funds and shall present a yearly budget. The Treasurer shall be a member of the Committee and, to the extent possible, one other member shall have a finance or accounting background. The Committee shall operate under written policies and procedures for reviewing and approving Organization expenditures over $200.00.

D. RESEARCH AND STATISTICS: To compile and evaluate such election data as may be of interest to this Organization and to distribute analytical reports on each election to voting members.

E. CAMPAIGN: To direct general election campaign activities of this Organization within Lisle Township and, as required, to coordinate general election campaign activities with those of other Republican organizations and with individual Republican candidates.

F. CANDIDATES ELECTION AND COMMITTEEMAN RECRUITING: To interview prospective candidates for elective offices, including candidates for appointment to fill mid-term committeeman vacancies and to make recommendations to the Chairman and to the Organization regarding their qualifications for endorsement.

G. PROGRAM & SOCIAL: To organize educational programs and social activities and make recommendations to the Organization of upcoming events that may be of interest to the Organization. This committee shall coordinate its efforts with the Finance Committee.

H. ZONE CHAIRMEN: Their principal duties shall be to assist in recruiting committeeman candidates to fill such vacancies as may occur in the precincts lying within their respective zones. In addition, they shall hold no less than two (2) meetings each calendar year with the committeemen members of their respective zones , notifying them of such meetings no more than five (5) days nor less than one (1) day before the scheduled day of such meetings. Zone Chairmen shall perform such other duties as may be delegated to them by the Chairman of this Organization.

Section 3. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, comprising the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Recording Secretary, Treasurer and all Zone Chairmen, shall advise the Chairman regarding the leadership of the Organization and shall undertake any responsibility assigned to it by action of this Organization.

Article XI – Amendments

Amendments to these By-Laws must be approved at a duly called meeting of the voting members and, in accordance with Article IX, any proposed amendments shall be postmarked and mailed first class to the voting members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting designated for their consideration.

Article XII – Parliamentary Authority

The parliamentary procedures of this Organization shall be in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, except where they conflict with these By-Laws.

Article XIII

This Organization shall not endorse candidates for primary elections or any Republican Caucus. Furthermore, this organization shall not make financial contributions to any candidate’s campaign.

Article XIII – Endorsements and Contributions

This Organization shall not endorse candidates for primary elections or any Republican Caucus. Furthermore, this organization shall not make financial contributions to any candidate’s campaign in a Republican primary election or caucus. Donations to Republican candidates in any general election shall be limited as follows:

A. Only the campaigns of candidates who reside in Lisle Township or who are Lisle Township Committeemen shall be eligible for a contribution in a partisan election.

B. Only the campaigns of candidates who have been Lisle Township Committeemen for at least one year, with a 50% attendance record, shall be eligible for a contribution in a non-partisan election.

C. Only candidates in a contested election are eligible for a contribution.

D. Contributions to individual candidates shall not exceed One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) per election. Total contributions to all candidates shall not exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00 per election.

ADOPTED: September, 1987

AMENDED: June 3, 1991

November 20, 1997

November 21, 2005

March 28, 2009


© Lisle Township Republican Organization 2012