April 4 Election

There are many important issues to consider in this election.

Naperville Mayoral Candidate Benny White pays $0 in property taxes due to a Veteran disability rating of 70%. This is legal but is it right? Get the full details from Jeanne Ives, who was a State Representative when the property tax exemption law was passed. Not on Facebook? Here is a written explanation. We 100% support generous exemptions for veterans who have lost limbs, eyesight, etc. Ian Holzhauer, Naperville City Council member, is also receiving the disabled veteran property tax exemption while running marathons.

Naperville City Councilwoman Theresa Sullivan started the Naperville Forward PAC to support Democrat candidates in local races. She copied the City’s logo to do so. Is this misleading? What do you think? Email

Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Democrat Party spending millions on local school board races around the state. They say this is to keep “fringe conservatives” out, but school boards have been dominated by “fringe liberals” for decades. Time for some balance.

Early Voting Locations in Lisle Township

  • Naperville Municipal Center, lower level, 400 S. Eagle St, Naperville
  • Islamic Center of Naperville, 25W530 75th St, Naperville
  • Woodridge Park District, 2600 Center Drive, Woodridge
  • Lisle Police Department, 5040 Lincoln Ave, Lisle

Click here to find out who to vote for and download a printable list!