Oct 2016 Chairman Fisher

I just wanted to give you a short update on our literature status.  The bags for County Board District 5 are ready for pickup.  The bags for County Board Districts 2 and 3 are waiting for literature from Richard Blass and Brian Krajewski.  I believe that their literature will be ready this week.

 We were given very little Munger and Kirk literature.  These pieces are not in the bags, but are bundled in groups of 50 on the table.   Please take as little as necessary as there will not be close to enough for everyone.  

 I have linked a draft of a fall 2016 Committeeman’s letter as a template you can personalize (or you can draft your own).  We will copy your letter on the copiers we have at the HQ.  The draft is over a page so hopefully deleting the candidates that do not live in your district will reduce it to a page.

 We have clear bags for the 11th Congressional Districts and Roskam bags for the 6th Congressional District.  At the moment we have no envelopes, but I have put in an order with the County Chairman for 15,000 envelopes.  I am not certain when those will be ready.

 Let’s work like crazy for the next 31 days.

 Jay Fisher

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